For one price of only $99 you get all these services bundle together:


  • RS – get your resume out to 180+ job boards and find a job (regular price $59)
  • RC – get your resume certified using BREES – and get hired faster and 1st (regular price $33.25)
  • JA – search for local jobs free on our site (free service offered to job seekers)
  • RW – get a professional critique and makeover done on your resume ($19.95?)
  • GCN Staffing and Recruitment – add you resume into our database and we will reach out to you with relevant opportunities (free service offered to job seekers)
  • Life Guru – will connect you via live 1:1 private sessions to the world’s best coaches ($50?)
  • Get free Ebooks worth $200 to help you prepare for interviews.


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